Himachal Pradesh Tourist Attractions: Shimla the Holiest Pilgrim Spots

30 Oct

Shimla is also familiar as Simla. It is the capital city of the Himachal Pradesh, India and located in northern part of India. British people declared Shimla as summer capital. Shimla is a place with full of tourist destinations and really it is worth visiting. This is one of the perfect places included in the photography. In shimla you can find picturesque spots.  We can also call shimla as photographer’s paradise. Shimla is most famous for its endless eye-catching tourist attractions.

Shimla the main tourist destination included in the Himachal Pradesh Tourist Attractions. This beautiful place is surrounded by snow capped mountains and lush green pastures are robbing every tourist’s heart. Shimla tourism will give you an unforgettable experience for you. If you are a nature lover and need to release tensions must visit this place in your journey of life.  Shimla is sure to catch all its tourists with not just its scenic beauty but also the beauty of the temples, peaceful churches, museum and bazaars or markets. Each and every step in Shimla offers you a visual treat. There are many sightseeing attractions are there in Shimla. Most of these places are named as must see or important tourist destinations in Shimla.

If you visit Shimla you are surprised with number of places for worship, these are all belonging to different religion. Most of them are called as monuments attractions of Shimla. There is one most visited temple in Shimla. It is called as Kali Bari. Here Shyamala Devi is the deity. The name Shimla got from the goddess Shyamala Devi. The temple is visited not only by the locals but also the Bengalis as well. They flock to the temple in numbers during Durga Puja. Other attractions and temples in shimla include Tara Devi temple, Jakhu and Sankat Mochan temple, Roman Catholic Cathedral, Christ Church and St. Michaels Church. You can see and experience the surrounding picturesque landscapes.

You will probably miss out on the essence of the city of Shimla if you’ve not been to the mall. This is one of the wonderful tourist destinations in Shimla. This beautiful place is filled with decorated shops, restaurants – pass by them and you are sure to feel hungry. The Gaiety Theater, which is the center of all cultural activities, whatever the reason don’t miss to visit Mall.

With its amazing reserve of exquisite sculptures, remarkable paintings, the State Museum in Shimla is become the most visited Tourist Attractions in Shimla, himachal Pradesh tourist attractions. “The Ridge” it is situated at the heart of the town. From here you can see the great views of the mountain ranges and is a favorite with all visitors.

All of these Shimla Tourist Attractions in Himachal Pradesh Tourist in India are the center of attractions of the Shimla that makes this Shimla in Himachal Pradesh Tourist Attractions as one of the major tourist cities of India.


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